If you have visited my site before, you will notice that I have added a few more paintings, mostly to the Triptych section but there are a couple of others to find so have a good look! Also, if you would like to put in any requests or if you have any queries, please use the ‘contact me' section & I will happily get back to you.

Exciting news for next year! I haven’t any set dates for exhibitions because if all goes according to plan, I won't be painting! As crazy as that sounds, it's all for a very good cause ~ 'What!' I hear you say?! No, I've not completely lost the plot! I am off in my newly acquired, some what stinky, camper van :) Europe calls, along with a multitude of sketch books, long lost pastels, pencils, water colours (yes, a non-acrylic paint!) camera, partner in crime and of course the woofer! I am very excited at the thought of long, warm, sunny, carefree days with plenty of time to indulge in my art so watch this space folks, melissaart will return, sun kissed, revitalised and raring to go!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork & I hope you have a wonderful winter!